Team Furry versus the Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 2
Always bring back a dead cleric

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Session 1
Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies
  • Little Brook is sent north along the Long Road by her sensei to fulfil her destiny to bring balance to the elements. She’s accompanied by Ursula and Kadan.
  • The pilgrims discover the injured Hallaie’ek (crashed from the sky, netted) and camp for a few days to nurse him back to consciousness. When he comes to he raves about “hippogriffs” which doesn’t mean anything to the others. He’d been brought down by hippogriff-riding sport hunters and vows revenge…and accepting help seems the best way to do that, for now.
  • Hallaie’ek can only limp, so Ursula carries him as the group resumes progess up the Long Road towards the town of Red Larch. They’re overtaken by a caravan of rope merchants who Brook charms with her bubbly personality. Hallaie’ek gets to ride on the cart with the supply of nets, hammocks, coils of ropes and so forth.
  • The caravan arrives at Red Larch in the late afternoon, and the merchants set up camp in the common fields in preparation for tomorrow’s market day. The pilgrims rent a corner of the common room at The Swinging Sword, a local in. Brook and Kadan busk in the dining area in the evening and manage to cover the group’s accommodation costs.
  • Kaylee the innkeeper is pleased to see adventurers because they keep down the monster problem. She points out a site near an oberlisk outside of town she’s sure is a source of trouble and offers a modest bounty to Brook to confirm and eliminate dire doings there.
  • Ursula bluntly approaches an acolyte of Lathander named Eorden also staying in the common area and recruits him to accompany the expedition.
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