Team Furry versus the Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 6

The Temple of Moving Stones

  • The young boy Braelen is freed, watered, fed, and sent to recuperate at the inn.
  • The group tours the northern loop, finding a room with levitating stones and three rat-gnawed bodies with glyphs carved into their foreheads.
  • Miraj loots a magic dagger from the offerings around the dwarf statue shrine, and the rest of the group takes the rest of the cash despite Brook’s misgivings about worldly wealth.
  • Baragustas the carpenter begs the team not to disturb the delvers.
  • In the Temple of Moving Stones, the group is confronted by the earth priest Larrekh who uses spider climb to attack them from the 20’ ceiling. Ursula gives Little Brook enough of a boost to flurry him, and Miraj’s casting of Maximillian’s earthen grasp keeps him from falling.
  • The group returns to the surface, splitting up. Kamen and Brook head back to the inn and Braelen; Ursula and Hallaie’ek take the unconscious Larrekh to the Allfaiths Shrine; Miraj evangelizes to the crowd, recruiting Baragustas and one of the Woebringers into his retinue.


Everyone’s now at 900 XP (level 3) due to the award for defeating Larrekh and a little extra for discovering the existence of the “Believers” operating in town.

Session 6
Sebkha Sebkha

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