Team Furry versus the Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 3

Everyone's chickens come home to roost

  • The group decides to draw out Harburk’s reported bandits by posing as vulnerable travellers rather than armed adventurers. Brook drags Ursula to Tarnlar’s Clothiers to buy an elegant teal-and-blue sari and lacquered accessories.
  • Kadan attempts in fox form to steal a chicken from one of the many local poulterers, is captured inside a half-stuffed pillowcase by the owner, and eventually escapes by shifting into a chicken.
  • Asking around town suggests that the bandits are operating along the Cairn Road rather than the more heavily-trafficked Long Road, so the party heads off to the southeast.
  • While flying overwatch at 300’ above the others below, Hallaie’ek has a run-in with a lone hippogriff lancer. He manages to escape being netted while diving towards the rest of the party, and the threat of a firebolt from Kadan spooks the lancer into disengaging.
  • Hallaie’ek spots the bandit camp from the air. Brook approaches as bait and lures two of the bandits to where the rest of the party is hidden, and Kadan puts both of them to sleep. Hallaie’ek’s archery and Kadan’s firebolt make short work of the others.
  • Ursula frees a caged black bear and feeds it the bandits’ roast pork. The group brings their prisoners and loot back to town in the wagon, followed by the bear for most of the way.
  • Night-suited assassins attack the PCs while they sleep that night. Brook and Hallaie’ek are alert enough to not be caught napping; Brook’s kung-fu downs one of them in masterful style. The second ninja escape with the unconscious one under cover of magical darkness, having failed to strike Kadan with a poisoned spike shuriken due to mage armor. Hallaie’ek is suspicious of Kadan’s professed ignorance.


This session worked particularly well when it spotlighted the various characters’ individuality: Brook and Ursula’s relationship during the clothing shopping trip, Kaden’s trickster nature at the henhouse, Hallaie’ek’s escalating feud with the hippogriff riders, Brook’s kung-fu skills and Kaden’s mysterious background during the ninja attack.

Everyone reached level 2 after arresting the bandits.

Session 3
Sebkha Sebkha

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