Team Furry versus the Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 8
Sacred Stone Monastery


Session 7
  • Hallaie’ek and Kaden dragged Larrekh to the Shrine of Allfaiths where Imdaur the cleric of Tempus was reassuring a handful of townsfolk who preferred a building with strong foundations. Imdaur identified Larrekh’s symbol as belonging to the Cult of the Black Earth and rounded everyone up to head into town and stop whatever was happening.
  • Meanwhile, Miraj was up on a cart with Ursula, proclaiming the coming of the primordial apocalypse to the townsfolk. A heated public debate with Imdaur ensued, looking likely to turn violent as Imdaur denounced primordial cultism as profound blasphemy against the gods and struck Larrekh with his mace.
  • Ursula grappled Imdaur, aided by a Slow spell from Larrekh. She managed to force the cleric to retreat.
  • With Miraj and Ursula’s victory over Imdaur and the support of the Believers among the town leaders, Red Larch converts to elementalism.
  • Larrekh pledges himself to Miraj’s service and reveals that he was ejected from the Cult of the Black Earth by its current leader the medusa Marlos Urnrayle. He knows the location of the Sacred Stone Monastery above the Temple.
  • The group decides to leave Larrekh to mind the town, since Marlos would be unlikely to welcome him back. The rest of the group decide to immediately head towards the monastery and attempt to infiltrate it.
  • Ursula meets up with the bear she previously rescued during her watch during the first night camping.
  • During the second day the group came across the four shallow graves of the victims of the ambush of the Mirabar delegating. Ursula talks to the vultures, who incidentally reveal the location of Feathergale Tower.
  • Hallaie’ek easily spotted the monastery in the hills. The group had no trouble convincing the guards and Qarbo the second-in-command that they were genuine cultists since Larrekh had given them the right names and handsigns.
  • Miraj, Ursula and Brook were assigned quarters in the (nicer) western barracks with the duergar cultists; Hallaie’ek and Kaden were assigned to the (less nice) southern barracks with the human cultists.
Session 6
The Temple of Moving Stones
  • The young boy Braelen is freed, watered, fed, and sent to recuperate at the inn.
  • The group tours the northern loop, finding a room with levitating stones and three rat-gnawed bodies with glyphs carved into their foreheads.
  • Miraj loots a magic dagger from the offerings around the dwarf statue shrine, and the rest of the group takes the rest of the cash despite Brook’s misgivings about worldly wealth.
  • Baragustas the carpenter begs the team not to disturb the delvers.
  • In the Temple of Moving Stones, the group is confronted by the earth priest Larrekh who uses spider climb to attack them from the 20’ ceiling. Ursula gives Little Brook enough of a boost to flurry him, and Miraj’s casting of Maximillian’s earthen grasp keeps him from falling.
  • The group returns to the surface, splitting up. Kamen and Brook head back to the inn and Braelen; Ursula and Hallaie’ek take the unconscious Larrekh to the Allfaiths Shrine; Miraj evangelizes to the crowd, recruiting Baragustas and one of the Woebringers into his retinue.
Session 5
Cage fight
  • Early morning descent into the Temple of Moving Stones, with Miraj and Miko along.
  • Cage traps give Miko (secretly one of the ninja sent to capture Kadan) an opportunity to attempt to grab the kitsune, narrowly thwarted by the rest of the party. Her brother Shiro goes on the run.
  • Unconscious Miko is stuffed into a sack and given to the custody of the Red Larch constabulary.
  • The party has breakfast at Kaylessa’s inn before returning underground.
  • The party encounters Grund and a half-dozen Bringers of Woe and manages to fight their way into the anteroom.
Session 3
Everyone's chickens come home to roost
  • The group decides to draw out Harburk’s reported bandits by posing as vulnerable travellers rather than armed adventurers. Brook drags Ursula to Tarnlar’s Clothiers to buy an elegant teal-and-blue sari and lacquered accessories.
  • Kadan attempts in fox form to steal a chicken from one of the many local poulterers, is captured inside a half-stuffed pillowcase by the owner, and eventually escapes by shifting into a chicken.
  • Asking around town suggests that the bandits are operating along the Cairn Road rather than the more heavily-trafficked Long Road, so the party heads off to the southeast.
  • While flying overwatch at 300’ above the others below, Hallaie’ek has a run-in with a lone hippogriff lancer. He manages to escape being netted while diving towards the rest of the party, and the threat of a firebolt from Kadan spooks the lancer into disengaging.
  • Hallaie’ek spots the bandit camp from the air. Brook approaches as bait and lures two of the bandits to where the rest of the party is hidden, and Kadan puts both of them to sleep. Hallaie’ek’s archery and Kadan’s firebolt make short work of the others.
  • Ursula frees a caged black bear and feeds it the bandits’ roast pork. The group brings their prisoners and loot back to town in the wagon, followed by the bear for most of the way.
  • Night-suited assassins attack the PCs while they sleep that night. Brook and Hallaie’ek are alert enough to not be caught napping; Brook’s kung-fu downs one of them in masterful style. The second ninja escape with the unconscious one under cover of magical darkness, having failed to strike Kadan with a poisoned spike shuriken due to mage armor. Hallaie’ek is suspicious of Kadan’s professed ignorance.
Session 2
Always bring back a dead cleric

(Placeholder, so the date will be correct.)

Session 1
Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies
  • Little Brook is sent north along the Long Road by her sensei to fulfil her destiny to bring balance to the elements. She’s accompanied by Ursula and Kadan.
  • The pilgrims discover the injured Hallaie’ek (crashed from the sky, netted) and camp for a few days to nurse him back to consciousness. When he comes to he raves about “hippogriffs” which doesn’t mean anything to the others. He’d been brought down by hippogriff-riding sport hunters and vows revenge…and accepting help seems the best way to do that, for now.
  • Hallaie’ek can only limp, so Ursula carries him as the group resumes progess up the Long Road towards the town of Red Larch. They’re overtaken by a caravan of rope merchants who Brook charms with her bubbly personality. Hallaie’ek gets to ride on the cart with the supply of nets, hammocks, coils of ropes and so forth.
  • The caravan arrives at Red Larch in the late afternoon, and the merchants set up camp in the common fields in preparation for tomorrow’s market day. The pilgrims rent a corner of the common room at The Swinging Sword, a local in. Brook and Kadan busk in the dining area in the evening and manage to cover the group’s accommodation costs.
  • Kaylee the innkeeper is pleased to see adventurers because they keep down the monster problem. She points out a site near an oberlisk outside of town she’s sure is a source of trouble and offers a modest bounty to Brook to confirm and eliminate dire doings there.
  • Ursula bluntly approaches an acolyte of Lathander named Eorden also staying in the common area and recruits him to accompany the expedition.
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